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MASTERFRCEM LLC is running courses in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the RCEM.

MASTERFRCEM LLC holds no role with the college.

Candidates are free to take part in privately run preparation and/or revision activities and are reminded to abide by the “Candidates Code of Conduct” agreed to when applying to RCEM examination.  

MASTERFRCEM LLC Courses has been providing face-to-face and online Emergency Medicine and Ultrasound training for doctors.

Our main areas of focus are the MRCEM/FRCEM Exams, OSCEs and Point-of-Care Ultrasound (PoCUS).
For the RCEM examinations, we have developed intensive short training courses based on a detailed analysis of the curriculum.

We run FRCEM/MRCEM Courses and provide online training for:

  • MRCEM Primary SBA Course.
  • MRCEM Intermediate SBA Course.
  • MRCEM OSCE Course.
  • FRCEM Final SBA Course.
  • FRCEM Final OSCE Course.


Online Courses

Online intensive training course to give you the most exam like experience.

Face To Face Course

Four days face to face intensive course to give you the most exam like experience.

Online plus face to face Courses

The courses will be offered both in class and lived streamed online to give you the most exam like experience.

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Best supervision

The Master of MRCEM & FRCEM Courses is the best course I have ever seen. I tried many courses, and this made me feel that Dr. Hani Hammouda is the best. I joined him in Intermediate SBA, MRCEM OSCE, FRCEM SBA, and FRCEM OSCE. I got both a membership and a fellowship in Emergency medicine under his guidance and supervision. I highly recommend his course to all candidates who plan for Emergency medicine.


Malik Khan Ahmed

Great quality!

I have done the MRCEM primary exam course. I am really thankful to this course as by which I was able to pass the exam. Dr.Hani and Dr.AboRagi were the instructors.
Although my weakness in the Anatomy part but Dr.Aboragi managed to made it a logic material and easy to keep in mind with a focus on important subjects. 


Dr.Hajar Nassani

Creative Js
Great quality!

Dr . Hani ‘s Final SBA course :- Perfect course to cover entire curriculum . It helped me pass the exam with good score. Simple and very informative. He takes so much effort for us to get through the exam and takes time to answer all our queries small or big. Very Useful for exam preparation and practice Emergency medicine.


Saravana Kumar

Code quality

I think the answers for the recalls that we all are studying was compiled by Dr Hani, so we all are indebted to him. His course is very useful, I really admire the patience he has in reading each and every line in the material and make us understand the concept. Though you are a member of rcem it's really exhausting to compile all the question from rcemlearning but Dr Hani question bank has all those questions and also many imp questions from various sources , it will be really helpful. I recommend his course


R Raju Ganesh

Creative Js

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